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Financial & Retirement

Property, finance and aged care financial advice

Borrowing and Finance

Secure additional funding to purchase business assets or property
  • Referrals for loan applications and mortgage refinance
  • Referrals to equipment finance brokers and business loans

Estate Planning

  • Arranging for Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Trust Deed updates for appointors
  • Advice and assistance for executors

Succession planning of your business

  • Determine management approach (external or family member)
  • Consider exit options, including sale or succession
  • Identify risks and tax consequences

First Home Owners

  • Budgeting and saving for your deposit
  • Information about mortgages, including required information and deposits
  • Referrals to our trusted mortgage brokers and lenders.
  • Identifying current Government concessions and tax exemptions

Transitioning aged parents and family into independent living arrangements, retirement villages or aged care facilities

Protect your parents or family members by making the right financial decisions at their most vulnerable time of their lives.
  • Deposit and general aged care financial advice in Brisbane and beyond
  • Budgeting, cash flow and costing based on a review of the contract
  • General advice on exit fees
  • Calculate daily rates
  • Budget monthly fees
  • Calculating how to meet the refundable deposit required
  • Reviewing contracts and calculating the exit fees
  • Considerations with independent living arrangements (retirement villages), upon accident or sickness, the move towards aged care facility

Accounting is the language of business.
- Warren Buffett

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