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Business Advisory

Take your business to new heights

We are passionate about helping small and medium sized business accomplish their business goals. Our business advisory services are designed to spot weaknesses and develop solutions to fortify your business’s foundation.

Effective business structure

  • Review your existing business structure
  • Discuss your goals, strengths and frustrations
  • Review asset protection issues and risk
  • Devise opportunities for growth
  • Devise opportunities for sale
  • Cloud based software, app integration and ongoing support

Running a profitable business

  • Profitability analysis
  • Business plan and business goals
  • Strategic tax planning
  • Preparation of financial statements and tax returns
  • Creating and measuring key performance indicators (KPI)
  • CFO Services and regular meetings with your accountant and advisor
  • Understanding your financial statements
  • Budgeting and cash flow projections
  • Capital gains tax – buying and selling an asset or business asset, professional advice for structuring with regards to capital gains
  • Small business entity concessions – planning and structuring to ensure eligibility to minimise taxation.

Other tax and accounting issues

  • Multiple entities (inter-related entity loans) and Division 7A loans (including director and shareholder loans)
  • Carried forward tax losses
  • Personal services income
  • Non-Commercial (deferred) losses
  • Family trust elections (FTE) and annual trust resolutions
  • Issuing dividends
  • GST issues and amendments
  • Fuel tax credits

Accounting is the language of business.
- Warren Buffett

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